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> I see you lost the Oxford comma:
> -DETAIL:  Valid values are "on", "off", and "auto".
> +DETAIL:  Valid values are "auto", "on" and "off".
> Please put these back.
Actually that's me who have lost it. The code with  oxford comma would be a 
bit more complicated. We should put such coma when we have 3+ items and do not 
put it when we have 2.

Does it worth it?

As I've read oxford using of comma is not mandatory and used to avoid 
"XXX, YYY and ZZZ" can be read as "XXX, YYY, ZZZ" or as "XXX, (YYY and ZZZ)".
oxford comma is used to make sure that YYY and ZZZ are separate items of the 
list, not an expression inside one item.

But here we hardly have such ambiguity.

So I'll ask again, do you really think it worth it?

Do code for fun.

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