Thomas Munro <> writes:
> There is a fundamental and complicated estimation problem lurking here
> of course and I'm not sure what to think about that yet.  Maybe there
> is a very simple fix for this particular problem:

Ah, I see you thought of the same hack I did.

I think this may actually be a good fix, and here's the reason: this plan
is in fact being driven entirely off planner default estimates, because
we don't have any estimation code that knows what to do with
"wholerowvar *= wholerowvar".  I'm suspicious that we could drop the
preceding ANALYZE as being a waste of cycles, except maybe it's finding
out the number of rows for us.  In any case, LIMIT 1 is only a good idea
to the extent that the planner knows what it's doing, and this is an
example where it demonstrably doesn't and won't any time soon.

                        regards, tom lane

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