On 2018-04-06 21:30:36 +0930, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> OK, I think this is now committable.

> The changes are small, fairly isolated in effect, and I think every
> objection has been met, partly by reducing the scope of the
> changes. By committing this we will allow plugin authors to start
> developing 2PC support, which is important in some use cases.
> I therefore intent to commit these patches some time before the
> deadline, either in 12 hours or so, or about 24 hours after that
> (which would be right up against the deadline by my calculation) ,
> depending on some other important obligations I have.

I object.  And I'm negatively surprised that this is even considered.

This is a complicated patch that has been heavily reworked in the last
few days to, among other things, address objections that have first been
made months ago ([1]). There we nontrivial bugs less than a day ago. It
has not received a lot of reviews since these changes. This isn't an
area you've previously been involved in to a significant degree.


Andres Freund


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