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> I've commented weeks ago about my doubts, and Robert concurred:
> http://archives.postgresql.org/message-id/CA%2BTgmoZPRfMqZoK_Fbo_tD9OH9PdPFcPBsi-sdGZ6Jg8OMM2PA%40mail.gmail.com

Yes, and I expressed some previous reservations as well.  Granted, my
reservations about this patch are less than for MERGE, and granted,
too, what is Magnus supposed to do about a couple of committers
expressing doubts about whether something really ought to be
committed?  Is that an absolute bar?  It wasn't phrased as such, nor
do we really have the authority.  At the same time, those concerns
didn't generate much discussion and, at least in my case, are not
withdrawn merely because time has passed.

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