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> On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 7:25 AM, David Rowley
>> The only alternative would be to change all the hash functions so that
>> they normalise their endianness. It does not sound like something that
>> will perform very well. Plus it would break everyone's hash indexes on
>> a pg_upgrade.
>> pg_basebackups can't be transferred over to other architectures
>> anyway, so I'm not so worried about tuples being routed to other
>> partitions.
>> Maybe someone else can see a reason why this is bad?
> I don't think the concept is bad by itself. That's expected, in fact,
> we have added an option to pg_dump (dump through parent or some such)
> to handle exactly this case. What Amit seems to be complaining though
> is the regression test. We need to write regression tests so that they
> produce the same plans, pruning same partitions by name, on all
> architectures.

Why is writing tests that produce the same output required?

We have many tests with alternative outputs. Look in
src/tests/regress/expected for files matching _1.out

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