Hi Tom, All,

On 2018-04-06 14:19:02 +0530, amul sul wrote:
> Thanks for the reminder -- fixed in the attached version.

Tom, this seems to be the best approach for fixing the visibility issues
around this. I've spent a good chunk of time looking at corruption
issues like the ones you feared (see [1]) and I'm not particularly
concerned.  I'm currently planning to go ahead with this, do you want to
"veto" that (informally, not formally)?

I'll go through this again tomorrow morning.

[1] https://postgr.es/m/20180405014439.fbezvbjrmcw64...@alap3.anarazel.de

> v9:
>  Its the rebase version of Andres Freund patch v8[1] with the
>  following additional changes:
>  3. Argument changing_part of heap_delete renamed to ChangingPart to be
>     consistent with ExecDelete

FWIW, I'd left it as it was before because the two functions have a bit
different coding style, and the capitalization seemed more fitting in
the surrounding context.

> +test: partition-key-update-1
> +test: partition-key-update-2
> +test: partition-key-update-3

Can you give these more descriptive names please (or further combine them)?


Andres Freund

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