* Tom Lane ( wrote:
> Stephen Frost <> writes:
> > * Tom Lane ( wrote:
> >>
> > Yes, I'm taking a look at it.
> Since other animals are coming back successfully, my first suspicion
> lights on culicidae's use of EXEC_BACKEND.  Did you test that case?
> (If not, this bodes ill for the Windows results.)

The vast majority of this patch isn't something that's relevant to
Windows anyway, so I'm hopeful that those animals will stay green (if
not, it's probably that we need to mark some other test as

We have EXEC_BACKEND on the Unix-y systems too though, so that needs to
be fixed.  I'm pretty sure the issue here is that SubPostmasterMain()
needs to also be checking/updating the umask() based on the data
directory, as is done in PostmasterMain.

Testing that out now and if that looks good then I'll push that and
hopefully it'll make cullcidae green.



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