On 4/7/18 5:49 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
> * David Steele (da...@pgmasters.net) wrote:
>> OK, one last review.  I did't make any code changes, but I improved some
>> comments, added documentation and fixed a test.
> Thanks!  I took those and then added a bit more commentary around the
> umask() calls in the utilities and fixed a typo or two and then pushed
> it.

Excellent, thank you!

> Time to watch the buildfarm, particularly for Windows hosts just in case
> there's something in the regression tests which aren't working correctly
> on that platform.  I was able to run the full regression suite locally
> before committing, though given the recent activity, we may see failures
> attributed to this patch which are due to unrelated instability.

I'll have dinner then come back and take a look.


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