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> Hi all,
> I was just going through pg_rewind's code, and noticed the following
> pearl:
>     /*
>      * Don't allow pg_rewind to be run as root, to avoid overwriting the
>      * ownership of files in the data directory. We need only check for
> root
>      * -- any other user won't have sufficient permissions to modify files
> in
>      * the data directory.
>      */
> #ifndef WIN32
>     if (geteuid() == 0)
>     {
>         fprintf(stderr, _("cannot be executed by \"root\"\n"));
>         fprintf(stderr, _("You must run %s as the PostgreSQL
> superuser.\n"),
>                 progname);
>     }
> #endif
> While that's nice to inform the user about the problem, that actually
> does not prevent pg_rewind to run as root.  Attached is a patch, which
> needs a back-patch down to 9.5.

Seems simple enough and the right hting to do, but I wonder if we should
really backpatch it. Yes, the behaviour is not great now, but there is also
a non-zero risk of breaking peoples automated failover scripts of we
backpatch it, isn't it?

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