On 4/11/18 17:19, Keith Fiske wrote:
> To me the current behavior is even more unintuitive. You tell it to put
> the parent table in a specific tablespace and it completely ignores the
> option and puts it in the default. Then when you go create children
> without specifying a tablespace, you don't see it going where you
> thought it would based on the parent's creation statement. Yes, you can
> tell each child where to go, but why not have at least a basic mechanism
> for setting a single tablespace value for a partition set into the
> parent itself the same way we're doing with indexes?
> If you set the tablespace you want a partition set to be in by setting
> that on that parent, I think that's pretty intuitive. If you want
> children to be in a different tablespace than the partition's default,
> then you can tell it that at child creation.

I agree it should do one or the other, but not what it's doing now.

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