On 4/13/18 20:00, David Arnold wrote:
> I have reviewed some log samples and all DO contain some kind of multi
> line logs which are very uncomfortable to parse reliably in a log streamer.
> I asked Michael Paquier about his
> solution: https://github.com/michaelpq/pg_plugins/tree/master/jsonlog
> He was suggestion to take action and propose this extension again to be
> included in contrib:
> https://github.com/michaelpq/pg_plugins/issues/24 

I have used https://github.com/mpihlak/pg_logforward in the past, which
seems to be about the same thing.

I have also had good success using syslog.  While syslog is not very
structured, the setting syslog_split_messages allows sending log entries
that include newlines in one piece, which works well if you have some
kind of full-text search engine at the receiving end.

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