David Rowley wrote:

> For a while, during my review of the faster partition pruning patch I
> was asking Amit to add pfree() calls in various places for this exact
> reason, but in the end, I gave up and decided it was easier to just
> create a new memory context to call the planner function from. I've
> now forgotten the exact reason why I finally decided it was too much
> trouble.  The pruning code now works using your step logic so perhaps
> that reason no longer applies, although, on a quick scan of the
> pruning code now, it seems to require that get_matching_partitions
> performs a deep pfree of each PruneStepResult. However, there is still
> partkey_datum_from_expr which performs ExecInitExpr, although perhaps
> that can just be done once, and the result stashed in the
> PartitionPruneContext.

I think trying to replace a well-placed MemoryContextReset (or Delete)
with a bunch of individual pfrees is pointless.

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