On 10-08-2018 17:19, Arthur Zakirov wrote:
On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 04:46:04PM +0300, Marina Polyakova wrote:
> +1 from me to keep initial name "pgbench_error". "pgbench_log" for new
> function looks nice to me. I think it is better than just "log",
> because "log" may conflict with natural logarithmic function (see "man 3
> log").

Do you think that pgbench_log (or another whose name speaks only about
logging) will look good, for example, with FATAL? Because this means that the logging function also processes errors and calls exit(1) if necessary..

Yes, why not. "_log" just means that you want to log some message with
the specified log level. Moreover those messages sometimes aren't error:

pgbench_error(LOG, "starting vacuum...");

"pgbench_log" is already used as the default filename prefix for transaction logging.

> I agree with Fabien. Calling pgbench_error() inside pgbench_error()
> could be dangerous. I think "fmt" checking could be removed, or we may
> use Assert()

I would like not to use Assert in this case because IIUC they are mostly
used for testing.

I'd vote to remove this check at all. I don't see any place where it is
possible to call pgbench_error() passing empty "fmt".

pgbench_error(..., "%s", PQerrorMessage(con)); ?

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