I propose this more concise coding for AddDefaultValues,

        # Now fill in defaults, and note any columns that remain undefined.
        foreach my $column (@$schema)
                my $attname = $column->{name};
                my $atttype = $column->{type};

                # Skip if a value already exists
                next if defined $row->{$attname};

                # 'oid' and 'relnatts' are special cases. Ignore.
                next if $attname eq 'oid';
                next if $attname eq 'relnatts';

                # This column has a default value.  Fill it in.
                if (defined $column->{default})
                        $row->{$attname} = $column->{default};

                # Failed to find a value.
                push @missing_fields, $attname;

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