I wrote:
> + elsif ($attname eq 'relnatts')
> + {
> + ;
> + }
> With your patch, I get this when running
> src/include/catalog/reformat_dat_file.pl:
> strip_default_values: pg_class.relnatts undefined
> Rather than adding this one-off case to AddDefaultValues and then
> another special case to strip_default_values, maybe it would be better
> to just add a placeholder BKI_DEFAULT(0) to pg_class.h, with a comment
> that it's just a placeholder.

One possible objection to what I wrote above is that it adds a
different kind of special case, but in a sneaky way. Perhaps it would
be more principled to treat it the same as oid after all. If we do
that, it would help to add a comment that we can't treat relnatts like
pronangs, since we need more information than what's in each pg_class

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