>>  Could we add a few words in func.sgml to clarify the behavior? Especially 
>> for users from my example above. Something like:
>>>  If a promotion is triggered while recovery is paused, the paused state 
>>> ends, replay of any WAL immediately available in the archive or in pg_wal 
>>> will be continued and then a promotion will be completed.
> This description is true if pause is requested by pg_wal_replay_pause(),
> but not if recovery target is reached and pause is requested by
> recovery_target_action=pause. In the latter case, even if there are WAL data
> avaiable in pg_wal or archive, they are not replayed, i.e., the promotion
> completes immediately. Probably we should document those two cases
> explicitly to avoid the confusion about a promotion and recovery pause?

This is description for pg_wal_replay_pause, but actually we suggest to call 
pg_wal_replay_resume in recovery_target_action=pause... So, I agree, we need to 
document both cases.

PS: I think we have inconsistent behavior here... Read wal during promotion 
from local pg_wal AND call restore_command, but ignore walreceiver also seems 
strange for my DBA hat...

regards, Sergei

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