On 2020/03/26 2:17, Sergei Kornilov wrote:

WAL usage patch [1] increments this version to 1_4 instead of 1_8.
I *guess* that's because previously this version was maintained
independently from pg_stat_statements' version. For example,
pg_stat_statements 1.4 seems to have used PGSS_V1_3.

As far as I remember, this was my proposed change in review a year ago.
I think that having a clear analogy between the extension version and the 
function name would be more clear than sequential numbering of PGSS_V with 
different extension versions.
For pgss 1.4 it was fine to use PGSS_V1_3, because there were no changes in 
pg_stat_statements 1.3 will call pg_stat_statements_1_3
pg_stat_statements 1.4 - 1.7 will still call pg_stat_statements_1_3. In my 
opinion, this is the correct naming, since we did not need a new function.
but pg_stat_statements 1.8 will call pg_stat_statements_1_4. It's not confusing?

Yeah, I withdraw my comment and agree that 1_8 looks less confusing.


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