Tom Lane wrote:

* Has the buildfarm script changed recently in a way that might change
the execution PATH and thereby suck in a different version of dumpbin?
(Or even a different version of Perl?)

No. In at least the case of red_bat nothing has changed for months.

* Is it conceivable that dumpbin's output format has changed in a way
that confuses the bit of Perl code that's parsing it?  One idea that
comes to mind is that it contains a timestamp that just got wider ---
I remember seeing some bugs like that when the value of Unix time_t
reached 1 billion and became 9 instead of 8 digits.

Neither of these sound very plausible, but it seems the next step for
investigation is to look closely at what's happening in


Right. I agree that your diff makes the prime suspect.

Yoo also just said:
"Dave Page" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I can't remember the last time I logged into that box so if it's
> something in the buildenv, it's either caused by a Windows update,

Re-reading the thread ... could that last point be significant?  Are
all four of these boxen set to auto-accept updates from Redmond?

No. red_bat does not auto-accept anything.



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