David Fetter wrote:
On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 02:48:42PM -0400, Robert Treat wrote:
On Monday 16 June 2008 09:54:16 Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Mario Weilguni wrote:
Could someone using the pgcrypto extension please verify this?

SELECT encode(digest(null, 'md5'::text), 'hex');
SELECT digest(null, 'md5');

Takes a few seconds, and then crashes the server with a Signal 11. My
system is PostgreSQL 8.2.7. Seems to be an unchecked access to memory
location 0.
I think the functions were made STRICT recently, and the NULL checks
were removed, but people with the old definitions of the functions could
see the crashes.  Try removing pgcrypto and recompiling it from a fresh
<broken record>
I still advocate to folks to try to put contrib modules into thier
own schemas whenever possible, so that you have the option of doing
pg_dump -N contribmodule, makes things like this much easier to work
around.  (And yes, I've volunteered to patch the contribs with this
if we ever decide to make it the default setup)
</broken record>

I, too, would be happy to do the legwork on this one.  I believe we'd
want to have both per-db and per-role settings for search_path.
What's involved with creating that latter?

Proper support for module install / uninstall will be a far better solution. Why would you wast your time on something that will be at best half-baked?



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