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the patch works for data that contains no backslashes, asterisks, backquotes, vertical bars, nor underscores.

These characters don't show up very much in real world data. You'll find [-.,:;[EMAIL PROTECTED]&()"] in just about everything; those would be a problem. Occasionally I'll see data files that use * in them, that's the main source for the ones I was suggesting I'd have to tweak with a search/replace (* -> \*) before the output would be useful. But [\`|_]? Unless you're storing source code or similar computer-ish stuff in your database, you just don't see those characters. The kind of regular text a normal business dumps into a database just doesn't use them.

I am quite certain that anyone trying to pass data into a ReST-reading application will soon be dissatisfied with this patch.

If anyone can suggest a common data source that a) makes sense to output in tabular form and b) uses one of the special characters that's a problem here, I'd grudgingly concede here. A quick search of the stuff I work on finds filenames like "C:\WINDOWS" as the only thing I run into with any frequency close to that category, and it's rare I'd be dumping something with a filename into tabular output.

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