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I think we should probably confine ourselves to output formats that are in very wide use or we'll be supporting a vast multitude. CSV and XML both qualify here - not sure that ReST does.

ReST is accepted by Trac, one of the more popular SCM+Project Management tools available. And the Python Docutils package is pretty popular too, with a growing infrastructure of packages springing up around it. For example, it's trivial to take the ReST document, feed it through Sphinx (the tool used to generate the Python documentation nowadays: http://sphinx.pocoo.org/ ) , and turn the result into HTML, LaTeX, or PDF files.

IMHO, while there are a ton of them out there ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_markup_language ), there are only two text markup languages besides HTML and XML-based ones that really matter nowadays: ReST and the Mediawiki format.

I just checked D'Arcy's original table and it imports perfect into the Trac system I use every day as valid rst code. Myself and at least another half dozen people I work with would love to see that supported as an output format--if the change isn't too obtrusive to the code base, of course, which it doesn't sound like it is.

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