Kevin Flanagan wrote:

> the compiler
> complained about various missing include files, starting with
> ‘libintl.h’. Having read the post at
> I
> created an empty libint.h in an include dir

NFI why Pg for win32 doesn't bundle a copy of the libintl it was built
against. I should poke the EDB guys about it, actually.

> along with a bunch of other
> empty dummy files that were expected: netdb.h, pwd.h, netinet/in.h and
> arpa/inet.h.

Those I wouldn't expect to be included if you're building for win32.

Are you sure you're building with the win32 configuration?

> The code then compiles ok, but gives ‘inconsistent dll linkage’ on the
> line with PG_FUNCTION_INFO_V1 and the one with PG_MODULE_MAGIC.

This would suggest that the macros that insert appropriate
__declspec(dllimport) and __declspec(dllexport) attributes aren't being
triggered - so again, it makes me wonder if Pg knows it's building for

Craig Ringer

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