Kevin Flanagan wrote:
> Ok, re "building with the win32 configuration" ... that sounds like just the 
> thing I should know about. All I've done is downloaded and installed the 
> 1-click installer for Windows from 
> ... so while I'm 
> sure it knows it's running on Win32, is there some other configuration change 
> I should make for dev purposes to indicate that it's "the win32 
> configuration"? Or does "building with the win32 configuration" refer to 
> those who are building the server from source, or something?

I wasn't too specific because it's been a while since I did any coding
against Pg on win32, and I couldn't remember exactly how it selected the
right code to use for a given platform - whether it was a macro that
must be defined, or what.

Having had a look at the sources: It's done by header search path. You
need to make sure that include/port/win32_msvc is on the header search
path as well as the main include/ directory.

I *think* port/win32 is for the MinGW win32 port and thus shouldn't be
included in the search path for msvc builds, but I'm not 100% sure of
that and a quick look doesn't reveal any documentation on the matter.

Craig Ringer

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