Carsten Kropf <> writes:
> I have a strange issue using a custom built index structure. My index access 
> method support document type composed of words (as tsvector) and points 
> (1-dimensional arrays of them). For internal reasons, I have to save the 
> documents as a whole inside my structure (for proper reorganisations).
> So, I form the tuples using index_form_tuple with the proper description. 
> Everything works fine, as long as the documents are quite small. However, if 
> the tsvector becomes too large, I run into a problem of not being able to 
> store the documents, because (obviously) the tsvector is too large for one 
> page.

Well, of course.  I think this is a fundamentally bad index design.  You
didn't say exactly what sort of searches you want this index type to
accelerate, but perhaps you need a design closer to GIN, in which you'd
make index entries for individual words not whole documents.

> What I tried to solve this issue here, is to extract the words from the 
> document (in my index) and calling 'Datum toast_compress_datum(Datum 
> value)'in order to compress the tsvector into a proper toast table.

Indexes don't have toast tables.

                        regards, tom lane

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