hello everybody,

we came across an issue which turned out to be more serious than previously 
imagine a system with, say, 1000 partitions (heavily indexed) or so. the time 
taken by the planner is already fairly heavy in this case.

i tried this one with 5000 unindexed tables (just one col):

test=# \timing
Timing is on.
test=# prepare x(int4) AS select * from t_data order by id desc;
Time: 361.552 ms

you will see similar or higher runtimes in case of 500 partitions and a handful 
of indexes.

does anybody see a potential way to do a shortcut through the planner?
a prepared query is no solution here as constraint exclusion would be dead in 
this case (making the entire thing an even bigger drama).

did anybody think of a solution to this problem.
or more precisely: can there be a solution to this problem?

        many thanks,


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