On Sep 3, 2010, at 2:04 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:

> * PostgreSQL - Hans-Jürgen Schönig (postg...@cybertec.at) wrote:
>> did anybody think of a solution to this problem.
>> or more precisely: can there be a solution to this problem?
> Please post to the correct list (-performance) and provide information
> like PG version, postgresql.conf, the actual table definition, the
> resulting query plan, etc, etc...
>       Thanks,
>               Stephen

hello stephen,

this seems like more a developer question to me than a pre performance one.
it is not related to the table structure at all - it is basically an issue with 
incredibly large inheritance lists.
it applies to postgres 9 and most likely to everything before.
postgresql.conf is not relevant at all at this point.

the plan is pretty fine.
the question is rather: does anybody see a chance to handle such lists more 
efficiently inside postgres?
also, it is not the point if my data structure is sane or not. it is really 
more generic - namely a shortcut for this case inside the planing process.

        many thanks,


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