On 22.10.2010 06:10, Tom Lane wrote:
Right at the moment I'm not seeing any way that the present
exec_eval_simple_expr approach can be fixed to work safely in the
presence of recursion.  What I think we might have to do is give up
on the idea of caching execution state trees across calls, instead
using them just for the duration of a single plpgsql function call.
I'm not sure what sort of runtime penalty might ensue.  The whole design
predates the plancache, and I think it was mostly intended to prevent
having to re-parse-and-plan simple expressions every time.  So a lot of
that overhead has gone away anyway given the plancache, and maybe we
shouldn't sweat too much about paying what remains.

We should test and measure that.

 (But on the third
hand, what are we gonna do for back-patching to versions without the

One simple idea is to keep a flag along with the executor state to indicate that the executor state is currently in use. Set it just before calling ExecEvalExpr, and reset afterwards. If the flag is already set in the beginning of exec_eval_simple_expr, we have recursed, and must create a new executor state.

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