> On the other hand, if I use a similar test case to my original  one
> (i.e. the tables are much wider) then the query planning takes
> 1.42  seconds in 9.1 with this patch instead of about 4.7 seconds
> as we observed it  using PostgreSQL 9.0.0. The beginning of the gprof
> output now looks like  this:


I'm really interested in this patch.

I tried a simple test case:

create table t (a integer, b text);

DO $$DECLARE i int;
            FOR i IN 0..9000 LOOP
                EXECUTE 'create table t' || i || ' ( CHECK (a >' || i*10 || ' 
and a <= ' || (i+1)*10 || ' ) ) INHERITS (t)';
   EXECUTE 'create index tidx' || i || ' ON t' || i || '  (a)';

explain select * from t where a > 1060 and a < 1090;

but I don't get any gain from the patch... explain time is still around 250 ms.

Tried with 9000 partitions, time is still 2 secs.

Maybe I've missed completely the patch purpose?

(I tried the test case at


and that, in fact, gets a boost with this patch).


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