On 01.11.2010 05:21, Robert Haas wrote:
There seem to be two cases in the code that can generate that error.
One, attempting to open the file returns ENOENT.  Two, after the data
has been read, the last-removed position returned by
XLogGetLastRemoved precedes the data we think we just read, implying
that it was overwritten while we were in the process of reading it.
Does your installation have debugging symbols?  Can you figure out
which case is triggering (inside XLogRead) and what the values of log,
seg, lastRemovedLog, and lastRemovedSeg are?

An easy way to find out which ereport() it is is to "set log_error_verbosity='verbose'" and re-run the test. You then get the file and line number of the ereport in the log.

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