Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
Yes, indeed there is a corner-case bug when you try to stream the very first WAL segment, with log==seg==0.

I confirmed that the bug exists in only this case by taking my problem install and doing this:

psql -d postgres -c "checkpoint; select pg_switch_xlog();"

To force it to the next xlog file. With only that change, everything else then works. So we'll just need to warn people about this issue and provide that workaround, as something that only trivial new installs without much data loaded into them are likely to run into, until 9.0.2 ships with your fix in it. I'll update the docs on the wiki accordingly, once I've recovered from this morning's flight out West.

I forgot to credit Robert Noles here for rediscovering this bug on one of our systems and bringing it to my attention.

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