While I haven't tried this patch, I tried to break the version 11 of the patch (some of the work was against earlier versions). In total I have used a full work day just trying to break things, but haven't been able to find anything after version 8. I can verify that the partial index issue is fixed, and the count(*) performance is a lot better now.

One thing I have been thinking about is how does predicate locking indexes work when using functional indexes and functions marked as immutable but which really aren't. I don't know how predicate locking indexes works, so it might be that this is a non-issue. I haven't been able to break anything in this way, and even if I could, this is probably something that doesn't need anything else than a warning that if you label your index functions immutable when they aren't, serializable transactions might not work.

On 01/15/2011 01:54 AM, Kevin Grittner wrote:
The index types other than btree don't have fine-grained support,
which I don't think is a fatal defect, but it would be nice to
implement.  I may be able to get GiST working again this weekend in
addition to the documentation work.  The others might not get done
for 9.1 unless someone who knows their way around the guts of those
AMs can give us some advice soon
I wonder if there are people using GiST and GIN indexes and serializable transactions. When upgrading to 9.1 and if there is no backwards compatibility GUC this could be a problem... The amount of users in this category is probably very low anyways, so maybe this is not an issue worth worrying about.

 - Anssi

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