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> On Feb 2, 2011, at 10:14 AM, Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
>> My concern with this approach (upgrade is forced through all
>> intermetiary versions) is that the shared libray now for version 15
>> *has* to have all the "intermediary" compatibility for *all* versions
>> in it.  So it has to have functions with all symbols so the "CREATE
>> ..." staements for all previous 15 versions can succeed.
>> With having the $old -> $new scripts, the new .so only needs to have
>> functions enough that the DROPs work, and the new CREATE... work.
> Yeah, so that's another argument for some sort of include syntax,
> instead, so the upgrade scripts can include other scripts as
> appropriate.

That's just the opposite, really.  Consider in-house extensions where
you perfectly know that you will only upgrade from the previous
version.  There you only want to ship one upgrade script.

Anyway, it's high time that we see some other votes, I think both of us
explained only too many times what their own preferences are in terms of
what tools to use to maintain and package script files, and how.

Dimitri Fontaine
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