On 11-02-08 10:07 AM, Jan Urbański wrote:

  * custom SPI exceptions - I'd really like this one to go in, because it
allows writing UPSERT-kind functions in PL/Python very easily, and it's
just a handful of lines of code

I will try to do a review of this one (probably tomorrow night) since I've reviewed many of the related patches.

  * don't remove arguments - a bugfix, really, and a very small one

So from the above, I'd say custom datatype parsers could get rejected if
noone feels like having a discussion about it for 9.1. Table functions,
custom SPI exceptions and tracebacks are niceties that if postponed to
9.2 will just mean that many features less in 9.1. The rest is bordering
on bugfixes, and I think should go in.


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