Tom Lane <> writes:
> will substitute for MODULE_PATHNAME in it is
> "$libdir/hstore-1.0" ... not exactly what's wanted.  This is because the
> transformation rule depends on $*, ie the base name of the input file.
> On balance #3 seems the least bad, but I wonder if anyone sees this
> choice differently or has another solution that I didn't think of.

A though that is occurring to me here would be to add a shlib property
in the control file and have the SQL script use $libdir/$shlib, or even
$shlib maybe.  That would only work for extensions scripts, and even
only for those containing a single .so.

But the only counter example I know of is PGQ, and its install script is
ran by its command line tools.  So PGQ would now ship 2 or 3 extensions
with some dependencies, each with its own .so.  Seems cleaner for me

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