Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Better late than never (or?), here's the final cleanup of
> pg_streamrecv for moving into the main distribution, per discussion
> back in late dec or early jan. It also includes the "stream logs in
> parallel to backup" part that was not completed on pg_basebackup.
> Other than that, the only changes to pg_basebackup are the moving of a
> couple of functions into streamutil.c to make them usable from both,
> and the progress format output fix Fujii-san mentioned recently.
> Should be complete except for Win32 support (needs thread/fork thing
> for the  background streaming feature. Shouldn't be too hard, and I
> guess that falls on me anyway..) and the reference documentation.
> And with no feedback to my question here
> (, I
> went with the "duplicate the macros that are needed to avoid loading
> postgres.h" path.
> Yes, I realize that this is far too late in the CF process really, but
> I wanted to post it anyway... If it's too late to be acceptable it
> should be possible to maintain this outside the main repository until
> 9.2, since it only changes frontend binaries. So I'm not actually
> going to put it on the CF page unless someone else says that's a good
> idea, to at least share the blame from Robert ;)

Well, if you are going to stand behind it, the CF is not a requirement
and you can apply it.

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