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Magnus Hagander<mag...@hagander.net>  writes:
Better late than never (or?), here's the final cleanup of
pg_streamrecv for moving into the main distribution, per discussion
back in late dec or early jan. It also includes the "stream logs in
parallel to backup" part that was not completed on pg_basebackup.

I can't wait to see the new streaming replication setup docs using that
integrated tool.
I just did some initial playing around with this tool to start testing the latest syncrep patch. I'm time boxed for today, but just wanted to say: great tool.

mgrid@standby1:~/off/postgresql$ pg_basebackup -x -D /data -vP -h
xlog start point: 0/7000020
34537/18152 kb g(100%) 1/1 tablespaces
xlog end point: 0/7014740
pg_basebackup: base backup completed.
mgrid@standby1:~/off/postgresql$ pg_ctl -D /data -l logfile start
server starting
mgrid@standby1:~/off/postgresql$ psql postgres
psql (9.1devel)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# \d
       List of relations
 Schema | Name | Type  | Owner
 public | aap  | table | mgrid
(1 row)

Yeb Havinga

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