On 24/02/11 14:10, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> On tor, 2010-12-23 at 14:56 +0100, Jan Urbański wrote:
>> For errors originating from Python exceptions add the traceback as the
>> message detail. The patch tries to mimick Python's traceback.py module
>> behaviour as close as possible, icluding interleaving stack frames
>> with source code lines in the detail message. Any Python developer
>> should instantly recognize these kind of error reporting, it looks
>> almost the same as an error in the interactive Python shell.
> I think the traceback should go into the CONTEXT part of the error.  The
> context message that's already there is now redundant with the
> traceback.
> You could even call errcontext() multiple times to build up the
> traceback, but maybe that's not necessary.

Hm, perhaps, I put it in the details, because it sounded like the place
to put information that is not that important, but still helpful. It's
kind of natural to think of the traceback as the detail of the error
message. But if you prefer context, I'm fine with that. You want me to
update the patch to put the traceback in the context?


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