Marko Tiikkaja <> writes:
> On 2011-02-24 6:20 PM +0200, Tom Lane wrote:
>> The best idea I have at the moment is to spell out "data modifying
>> command" (or "statement") rather than relying on the acronym.
>> In the code, we could change hasDmlWith to hasModifyingWith, for
>> example.  The error messages could read like
>>      data-modifying statement in WITH is not allowed in a view
>> Comments?

> Out of everything suggested so far, I think this is the best we have, if 
> we can fit the whole thing into out error messages.  Quickly grepping 
> through the patch suggests that we can, at least for the cases in the 
> current patch.

> I also prefer "statement" over "command".

OK, I will make those adjustments.  Are you going to do more work on the
documentation part of the patch?  I can stick to working on the code
part meanwhile, if you are.

                        regards, tom lane

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