Daniel Farina wrote:
Server A syncreps to Server B

Now I want to provision server A-prime, which will eventually take the
place of A.

Server A syncreps to Server B
Server A syncreps to Server A-prime

Right now, as it stands, the syncrep patch will be happy as soon as
the data has been fsynced to either B or A-prime; I don't think we can
guarantee at any point that A-prime can become the leader, and feed B.

One of the very fundamental breaks between how this patch implements sync rep and what some people might expect is this concern. Having such tight control over the exact order of failover isn't quite here yet, so sometimes people will need to be creative to work within the restrictions of what is available. The path for this case is probably:

1) Wait until A' is caught up
2) Switchover to B as the right choice to be the new master, with A' as its standby and A going off-line at the same time. 3) Switchover the master role from B to A'. Bring up B as its standby.
There are other possible transition plans available too.

I appreciate that you would like to do this as an atomic operation, rather than handling it as two steps--one of which puts you in a middle point where B, a possibly inferior standby, is operating at the master. There are a dozen other complicated "my use case says I want <X> and it must be done as <Y>" requests for Sync Rep floating around here, too. They're all getting ignored in favor of something smaller that can get built today. The first question I'd ask is whether you could you settle for this more cumbersome than you'd prefer switchover plan for now. The second is whether implementing what this feature currently does would get in the way of coding of what you really want eventually. I didn't get the Streaming Rep + Hot Standby features I wanted in 9.0 either. But committing what was reasonable to include in that version let me march forward with very useful new code, doing another year of development on my own projects and getting some new things get fixed in core. And so far it looks like 9.1 will sort out all of the kinks I was unhappy about. The same sort of thing will need to happen to get Sync Rep committed and then appropriate for more use cases. There isn't any margin left for discussions of scope creep left here; really it's "is this subset useful for some situations and stable enough to commit" now.

2. The unprivileged user can disable syncrep, in any situation. This
flexibility is *great*, but you don't really want people to do it when
one is performing the switchover.

For the moment you may have to live with a situation where user connections must be blocked during the brief moment of switchover to eliminate this issue. That's what I end up doing with 9.0 production systems to get a really clean switchover, there's a second of hiccup even in the best case. I'm not sure yet of the best way yet to build a UI to make that more transparent in the sync rep case. It's sure not a problem that's going to get solved in this release though.

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