On 2011-02-26 7:18 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
IMO the major disadvantage of a refactoring like this is the possibility
of sins of omission in third-party code, in particular somebody not
noticing the added requirement to call ExecutorFinish.  We could help
them out by adding an Assert in ExecutorEnd to verify that
ExecutorFinish had been called (unless explain-only mode).  A variant of
that problem is an auto_explain-like add-on not noticing that they
probably want to hook into ExecutorFinish if they'd previously been
hooking ExecutorRun.  I don't see any simple check for that though.
The other possible failure mode is forgetting to remove calls to the two
trigger functions, but we could encourage getting that right by renaming
those two functions.

While I don't really like the possibility of breaking third party modules, I think the idea is good. Also +1 for adding checks where possible.

Marko Tiikkaja

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