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> It's not integrated and I doubt it's conveniently available on Windows.
> One of the biggest problems with our replication functionality right
> now is that it's hard to set up.  We've actually done a good job
> making the very simplest case (one slave, no archive) reasonably
> simple, but how many PostgreSQL users do you think can manage to set
> up SR + HS + archiving, with two slaves that can use the archive if
> they fall too far behind the master, but with the archive regularly
> trimmed to the farthest-back segment that is still needed?
> We have pg_archivecleanup, but AIUI that's only smart enough to handle
> the one-standby case.
> Admittedly, the above is a slightly different problem, but I think it
> all points in the direction of needing more automation and more ease
> of use.

And let me also note that the difficulty of getting this all exactly
right is one of the things that causes people to come up with creative
solutions like this:


That's why we need to put it in a box, tie a bow around it, and put up
a big sign that says "do not look into laser with remaining eye".

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