> Yes, that seems like a very appealing approach.   There is plenty of
> bit-space available in xinfo, and we could reserve a bit  each for
> nrels, nsubxacts, and nmsgs, with set meaning that an integer count  of
> that item is present and clear meaning that the count is omitted  from
> the structure (and zero).  This will probably require a bit of  tricky
> code reorganization so I think it should be done separately from  the
> main patch.  

Ok, I'll try and send a patch with this change only.
BTW  xinfo  is 32 bit long, but I think only 2 bits are used right now?
I think I can make it a 8 bits, and add another 8 bits for nrels,
nsubxacts, and nmsgs and the new thing. That should save
another 2 bytes, while leaving space for extention. Or we can make
it a 8 bits only, but only 2 bits would be left "empty" for future
extentions; I don't know if we care about it...


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