> 1) Today you can do a backup by just calling pg_start_backup('x'); copy
> the data directory and
> pg_stop_backup(); You do not need to use pg_basebackup to create a
> backup. The solution you are proposing would require pg_basebackup to be
> used to build backups from standby servers.


> 2) If I run pg_basebackup but do not specify '-x' then no pg_xlog
> segments are included in the output. The relevant pg_xlog segments are
> in the archive from the master. I can see situations where you are
> already copying the archive to the remote site that the new standby will
> be created in so you don't want to have to copy the pg_xlog segments
> twice over your network.

No, I don't matter because of the same behavior as 9.1.
Please see the part of "Before:" of the following answer.

> What Heikki is proposing will work both when you aren't using
> pg_basebackup (as long the output of pg_stop_backup() is somehow
> captured in a way that it can be read) and will also work with
> pg_basebackup when '-x' isn't specified.

I receive this mail, so I notice I do wrong recognition to what 
Heikki is proposing. 

my recognition:
    * I thought Heikki proposes, "Execute SQL(pg_start_backup('x'); copy 
      the data directory and pg_stop_backup();) from the standby server 
      to the primary server".
      -> I disliked this. 
    * Heikki is proposing both No using pg_basebackup and Not specify -x.
        * Use the output of pg_stop_backup().
        * Don't use backup history file.
      he thinks.


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