> > > Process of online base backup on standby server:
> > >  1. pg_start_backup('x');
> > >  2. copy the data directory
> > >  3. copy *pg_control*
> > 
> > Who deletes the backup_label file created by pg_start_backup()?
> > Isn't pg_stop_backup() required to do that?
> You need it to take the system out of backup mode as well, don't you?

Certainly so.

Add to the above process:
  4. pg_stop_backup();

But I do not consider a case such as to promote in backup mode yet.
I need to think a little, including it.

On this commitfest, the goal of the patch is to be able to be 
recovered using "Minimum recovery ending location" in the control file.

Jun Ishizuka
NTT Software Corporation
E-Mail: ishizuka....@po.ntts.co.jp

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