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> Heikki Linnakangas <heikki.linnakan...@enterprisedb.com> writes:
>> Hmm, that's not possible for the 'tar' output, but would work for 'dir'
>> output. Another similar idea would be to withhold the control file in
>> memory until the end of backup, and append it to the output as last. The
>> backup can't be restored until the control file is written out.
>> That won't protect from more complicated scenarios, like if you take the
>> backup without the -x flag, and copy some but not all of the required
>> WAL files manually to the pg_xlog directory. But it'd be much better
>> than nothing for 9.1.
> Maybe we're overcomplicating this.  What about changing pg_basebackup to
> print a message when the backup is completely sent/received?  People
> would get used to that quickly, and would know to be suspicious if they
> didn't see it.

That would suck for scripts, and have people redirect the output to
/dev/null instead, wouldn't it? And it violates the "unix expectation"
that is that a successful command will not write anything to it's

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