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Hmm, that's not possible for the 'tar' output, but would work for 'dir'
output. Another similar idea would be to withhold the control file in memory
until the end of backup, and append it to the output as last. The backup
can't be restored until the control file is written out.

That won't protect from more complicated scenarios, like if you take the
backup without the -x flag, and copy some but not all of the required WAL
files manually to the pg_xlog directory. But it'd be much better than
nothing for 9.1.

We need to skip checking whether we've reached the end backup location
only when the server crashes while base backup using pg_start_backup. Right?


We can do this by *not* initializing ControlFile->backupStartPoint if the server
is doing crash recovery and backupEndRequired is false. What about the attached

Hmm, this behaves slightly differently, if you first try to start the restored server without recovery.conf, stop recovery, and restart it after adding recovery.conf. But I guess that's not a big deal, the check is simply skipped in that case, which is what always happens without this patch anyway. Committed this to 9.1, but kept master as it was.

(sorry for the delay, I wanted to fix the bogus comment as soon as I saw it, but needed some time to ponder the rest of the patch)

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