=?UTF-8?B?SmFuIFVyYmHFhHNraQ==?= <wulc...@wulczer.org> writes:
> Here are two patches that fix two separate bugs that you found
> simultaneously. Because they're actually separate issues, it turned out
> fixing them was a bit more tricky than I expected (fixing one was
> unmasking the other one etc).

Applied with one non-cosmetic change: I got rid of the test on
TransactionIdIsValid(arg->typrel_xmin) in PLy_input_tuple_funcs,
as well as where you'd copied that logic in PLy_output_tuple_funcs.
AFAICS skipping the update on the xmin/tid, if we're coming through
there a second time, would be simply wrong.

                        regards, tom lane

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