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> That's an option. But I don't think that finding an existing file is so 
> serious
> problem. The most common cases which cause a partially-filled archived
> file are;
> 1. The server crashes while WAL file is being archived, and then the server
>    restarts. In this case, the restarted server would find partially-filled
>    archived file.
> 2. In replication environment, the master crashes while WAL file is being
>    archived, and then a failover happens. In this case, new master would
>    find partially-filled archived file.
> In these cases, I don't think it's so unsafe to overwrite an existing file.

Personally, I think both of these show examples of why PG should be
looking hard at either providing a simple robust local directory based
archive_command, or very seriously pointing users at properly written
tools like omniptr, or ptrtools, walmgr, etc...

Neither of those cases should ever happen.  If you're copying a file
into the archive, and making it appear non-atomically in your archive,
your doing something wrong.


No excuses.

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