Later this week I'm giving a [brief][] for an audience of what I hope will be 
corporate PostgreSQL users that covers how to get a feature developed for 
PostgreSQL. The idea here is that there are a lot of organizations out there 
with very deep commitments to PostgreSQL, who really take advantage of what it 
has to offer, but also would love additional features PostgreSQL doesn't offer. 
Perhaps some of them would be willing to fund development of the featured they 

[brief]: http://postgresopen.org/2011/schedule/presentations/83/

Toward the end of the presentation, I'd like to make some suggestions and offer 
to do some match-making. I'm thinking primarily of listing some of the stuff 
the community would love to see done, along with the names of the folks and/or 
companies who, with funding, might make it happen. My question for you is: What 
do you want to work on?

Here's my preliminary list:

* Integrated partitioning support: Simon/2nd Quadrant
* High-CPU concurrency: Robert/Enterprise DB
* Multimaster replication and clustering: Simon/2nd Quadrant
* Multi-table indexes: Heiki? Oleg & Teodor?
* Column-leve collation support: Peter/Enterprise DB
* Faster and more fault tolerant data loading: Andrew/PGX
* Automated postgresql.conf Configuration: Greg/2nd Quadrant
* Parallel pg_dump: Andrew/PGX
* SET GLOBAL-style configuration in SQL: Greg/2nd Quadant
* Track table and index caching to improve optimizer decisions: 
Robert/Enterprise DB

Thanks to Greg Smith for adding a few bonus ideas I hadn't thought of. What 
else have you got? I don't think we necessarily have to limit ourselves to core 
features, BTW: projects like PostGIS and pgAdmin are also clearly popular, and 
new projects of that scope (or improvements to those!) would no doubt be 
welcome. Also, I'm highlighting PGXN and an example of how this sort of thing 
might work.

So, what do you want to work on? Let me know, I'll do as much match-making at 
the conference as I can.



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