paulo matadr wrote:
[has problems displaying non-ASCII characters]

> Environment has been applied
> [postgres@gcomdesenv oracle]$ export

The environment has not been applied correctly, because you
see question marks, which is Oracle's replacement for characters
it cannot translate. I don't know what went wrong. The environment
variable must be set when the postmaster is started.

> You can specify environment variables by passing them in YAML format
> as fifth argument to make_accessor_functions(), for example:
> ERROR:  error from Perl function "make_accessor_functions": error from
Perl function
> "set_up_connection": error from Perl function
"add_dbi_connection_environment": In
> dbi_link.add_dbi_connection_environment, settings is a >HASH<, not an
array reference at line 8. at
> line 94. at line 35.

Your YAML is wrong.

> Any ideia for help

As Robert Haas mentioned, write to dbi-link-general:

Laurenz Albe

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